Manny Daskal is the only attorney in California North of the San Francisco Bay Area that is:

• A certified instructor on field sobriety tests
• Certified to administer field sobriety tests
• A certified instructor on drug recognition evaluation examinations
• Certified to administer drug recognition evaluation examinations
• Certified on breath machine maintenance and operation

Facts on our firm and DUI defense:

• President of the California DUI Lawyers Association
• Lectures and presents at seminars nationally on DUI defense
• Attorney certified in standardized field sobriety tests
• Attorney certified in drug recognition evaluation
• Published and cited nationwide on DUI defense
• Proven track record of winning difficult cases BEFORE and at TRIAL


Facts on our firm and marijuana defense:

• Defending marijuana users and cultivators for over forty years
• Continued and consistent record of successful marijuana defense cases
• Member of NORML for over thirty years
• Civil liberties monitoring project consultant & guest speaker