Manny Daskal is the only attorney in California north of the San Francisco Bay Area that is:

• Certified Instructor on Field Sobriety Tests
• Certified to Administer Field Sobriety Tests
• Certified Instructor on Drug Recognition Evaluation Examinations
• Certified to Administer Drug Recognition Evaluation Examinations
• Certified on Breath Machine Maintenance and Operation


Facts On Our Firm and DUI defense:

• Vice-President of the California DUI Lawyers Association in 2013
• Members of the State and National College for DUI defense Since 1998
• Attend & Lecture/Presents at Seminars Nationally on DUI defense
• Attorney Certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
• Attorney Certified in Drug Recognition Evaluation
• Published and Cited Nationwide on DUI Defense
• Proven Track Record of Winning Difficult case BEFORE and at TRIAL


Facts On Our Firm and Marijuana defense:

• Defending Marijuana Users and Cultivators Since the 1970s
• Continued and Consistent Record of Successful Marijuana Defense
• Member of NORML for over Twenty-Three Years
• Civil Liberties Monitoring Project Consultant & Guest Speaker